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Winter Colours

by Susan Miller - 12 June 2016

Photographing the beautiful Rees Valley last Sunday was such a pleasure. Taking advantage of the early morning winter sunlight highlighting the mountains through the clouds.

Photos show the east peak of Mount Earnslaw and the Rees Valley, Arthur's Creek Hut, a local tomtit, Muddy Creek and the braided Rees River.

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Perfectly Placed to Produce Inspired Work

by Susan Miller

Invincible Design was founded two years ago by yours truly, Susan Miller, to provide a one stop shop for all their clients print and online promotional needs. The company can now boast working with some exceptional companies within the tourism, construction, retail, real estate and the wedding industries.

Susan explains: “I live and work in one of the most amazing place in the world and I'm lucky enough to take inspiration from the lakes, rivers and mountains surrounding us. There isn’t a day that goes by that I'm not stopped in my tracks by a spectacular light on a beautiful scene.... This is Insperation at Work!"

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Invincible Design Artwork

Invincible Design has a Pet-Friendly Policy

A 2012 study from Virginia Commonwealth University found that employees who spent time with dogs in the workplace reported feeling less stressed than employees who have dogs but left them at home. The study also found that pets triggered workplace interactions that would not normally take place, as a four-legged friend gave people something to chat about. Collective Hub

While I enjoy working and living in this beautiful area of New Zealand I am forced to take long walks everyday with Pi, my amazing labrador.

Interestingly enough I find that many of my clients are often walking at the same time and here I can update them on progress, work on new projects, and accrue new clients.

If anyone is keen on a fantastic walk with Pi and myself then contact me. We are always keen to get out and about while talking about graphic and web design projects.